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How to drastically increase
your chances of getting
and keeping your
Elder Law Firm web site
in the top 10 search results

Over the years I have used several
strategies to achieve rankings.
I can help most lawfirms get on
the first page of Google, but no guarantees.
It's a moving target.

Ingvar here. I have worked with lawyers (mostly elder lawyers) since 1999. This is the mantra I hear from my clients:

"We want a law firm web site that is ranked
on the first page in Google on all our keywords
AND generates qualified traffic to our firm."
Don't have a website?

Sounds simple. But it is not. You search in Google for NJ Medicaid Lawyer and you get 9,000,000 results. That's a LOT of competition. (Our sites dominate this search term.)

"Ingvar is a genius at designing websites for effective marketing of legal services"

Thomas D. Begley, JR.

We all know the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Keywords - Content - Inbound Links - Headers.. and so on.

In spite of implementing the top SEO tactics - many law firm websites fail to reach the much coveted top 10 search results in search engine results.

How do some elder lawyers get their sites on the first page
of search engine results? AND stay there?

Some of the law firms you see listed in the top 10 results in Google and other search engines have a secret. They have lawfirm practice area mini-sites that are targeted to each of the firm's practice areas - and often geographical focused.

Retirement Entrepreneurs
A resource for recently retired individuals who want to start their own business.

Having worked with small law firms since 2001, one of the most difficult challenges we face is that most law firms have multiple practice areas. This makes it very difficult to get a top 10 search engine ranking. The reason is that search engines just don't know what the site is all about. So it averages out all the keywords - resulting in rank diluting.

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"It is a genuine pleasure working with a professional like Ingvar."

He is client service dedicated and we have great confidence in our future internet presence.'

Fredrick Niemann, Attorney.

"Many lawyers have web sites, but they don't have a clue as to how the web site
gets noticed or picked up on search engines.  You have the ability to do this."

Jim DeMartino, Lawyer.

Thanks.  It comes up on the first page when I do a Google search on the web
Peter Davey, Lawyer in Auckland, NZ

Your Elderlaw Firm Web Sites must be marketing driven

and produce qualified elder law client inquires.

Search engines change their indexing tactics all the time. We see sites high up on the listings one week, and the next it has dropped. This is the nature of the beast. This is why having several sites makes so much sense.

Elder lawyers help people wit a variety of legal issues facing the elderly. Estate Planning for Medicaid services is one example. By protecting assets well in advance of a nursing home stay seniors might qualify for Medicaid. In Texas, Medicaid is administrated by the state of Texas.

Starting in 2014, most people in the United States MUST have health coverage. Or pay a fee! Facts about HealthCare.gov, The Health Insurance Marketplace and ObamaCare.

How to Get Affordable Health Insurance Coverage in 2016.


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